Thank the tulips that winter is finally gone and spring is here. Spring is the best time for fashion, because its like you get to blossom into a real person again without 3 sweaters, a winter jacket, toque, scarfs, mittens, wool socks, leggings….. i could go on. Finally I can wear a spring jacket with a t-shirt, and hopefully shorts soon. As always spring fashion is big on prints, probably because we forgot what flowers looked like over the long cold white winter, the industry wants to remind us,  flashes of large and small prints of colorful bright flowers. Pastels, florals, light browns, dark greens, flowing shirts, long dresses, short dresses…. just dresses. The liberation of spring is alone is the energy that can be put back into your wardrobe.

Go get your spring wardrobe asap, and start your spring revolution.

~ by bsfashion on March 27, 2010.


  1. These florals are gorgeous and fresh! It is nice to see such feminine patterns coming out.

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