Free to copy

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Johanna Blakley takes us to why fashion is so innovative, and why copying design can be a good thing, especially for the ‘average’ person who just wants the knock off. Very interesting from a business perspective, and something that i have yet to think much about before this video. So fashion is for all walks of life, whether its the name of a fashion house from somewhere in france, or a retail store that copied them, its nice to know we have a even playing field. In the end theres so many louis purses now adays who knows which is a copy and which is fake… it comes down to a status symbol, and most of the time its the difference in material, that is the only difference.

Phillip Lim: Mens collection Fall 2010

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It been long over due since I found a great mens collection, when I first saw Phillip Lim’s show I knew his show was something special. This very textured, layered look, goes great with the over size jackets, shinny leather boots and gloves. Not to mention the murse & straps everywhere! Lim has an exclusive eye for texture combination, his leathers, furs cottons seem to flow continuously. When his total looks were not all black i loved the color combination, even some of the monochrome outfits, looks somehow fresh and new with Lim’s styling. This self-proclaimed ‘modern urban adventurer’ look is something we have been missing. Thanks Phillip!

Kathryn Amberleigh

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Must haves for spring 2010!

These shoes are incredibly sexy, fresh, vivid, brilliant, bright, got-to-have-them shoes! Go get them right now! Im on my way ASAP to find me a pair of one-of-a-kind, hand made New York shoes.


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Thank the tulips that winter is finally gone and spring is here. Spring is the best time for fashion, because its like you get to blossom into a real person again without 3 sweaters, a winter jacket, toque, scarfs, mittens, wool socks, leggings….. i could go on. Finally I can wear a spring jacket with a t-shirt, and hopefully shorts soon. As always spring fashion is big on prints, probably because we forgot what flowers looked like over the long cold white winter, the industry wants to remind us,  flashes of large and small prints of colorful bright flowers. Pastels, florals, light browns, dark greens, flowing shirts, long dresses, short dresses…. just dresses. The liberation of spring is alone is the energy that can be put back into your wardrobe.

Go get your spring wardrobe asap, and start your spring revolution.

RIP Alexander McQueen

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Alexander McQueen

The shocking news of couture designer hanging himself in his loft in London, after the death of his mother just a few days ago. Its was only 3 years ago when Isabella Blow, his mentor and good friend kill herself with an overdose and it was doc

umented that he had really hards getting through that. Known to the fashion industry as a bad boy of fashion because of his unique

design and shows on the runway… he did what he wanted, and his inspiration was truly one that will last through out the ages. His outstanding incredible collection just last season blew fashionista and critics out of the water, and i did blog about his last show with his infamous hoof-sparkle platform that was the high light of lady gaga’s music video…

.. McQueen you will be dearly missed

D Squared outfitting Canadian Olympic Athletes

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Dean and Dan Caten should be getting ready to display there work for the Canadian Olympic Teams this February for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Since their spring/summer collection 2010 was a boy scout, outdoors style it will be interesting to see what they have in store for the these future Olympians. Its never a dull moment when D squared is involved and ill be watching the ceremonies waiting for the reveille!

Heres a peak at what they thought-up for the Mens’ & Womens’ collection for spring/summer 2010 see if you can predict what they have in store. My prediction is they will be in the spirit of things, because i dont think they have a lack of creativity here!

Prada Spring 2010

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Prada Spring 2010 was full of raw frayed edges and colorful beach print. Somehow she turned a businesssuits’ into beach wear by just taking a pair of scissors and cutting it off, pairing it will ocean inspired prints, it all pulled together in hybrid collection. The tear drop sham paired with the tear drop sandals as seen below, looked amazing walking down the runway like water falling off her. Something is going on with Prada and critics seem to like this frayed-expensive look. Looking into the future with a positive attitude helped create this masterpiece.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Fashion Week

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Louis Vuitton at Spring 2010 Fashion Week

Hippie circa 1973 is the envision for Louis Vuitton Spring 2010.When you get past the afro-wigs, this collection is full of bright feminine flowing patterns, Fitted jackets, and all legs. Strappy pink sandals with baby doll dresses are my favorite items… Of course louis’ signature bag is back, his new color this season is a violet matched with a camel light brown. I find this collection very summer /happy/ chic for the yacht. but rather dull…. i guess im still fixated on the Stephan Sprouse collection. ( Dont tell anyone thats from last year…) Its a little bit edgier and young… These bags are a little more sporty than my grandmas Louis, but i guess thats what some people like.

Lets revisit Some Stephan Sprouse, just to see the major different in Vuitton, change can come when someone is truely inspired. Or maybe Im just keen on the bright graffiti sytle letters, over a traditional bag.

Spring 2010 H & M men’s collection….skirts? SKIRTS!

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Spring 2010 H & M men’s collection is offering a men’s skirt….that’s right S K I R T ….

Now usually I am big fan of H & M because they take looks from the runway and make them affordable and available to the consumers in the same season… but you always do have to be careful when shopping in H & M because not all the looks can be pulled off by everyone, to put it nicely. It’s easily to become overwhelmed with the high-fasion/hipster/rock’n’roll style of H & M. But that’s also why I love it. So I was shocked at the men’s skirt, but it seems very H & Mish.

Not only is the men’s skirt a big stretch but they also made some hideous MC hammer shorts for men, that I will be disgusted to ever see on the street…… ohhhh it will be a interesting spring for men at H & M! YUK!!  (although slightly hard to see the definition of the shorts, cause he is also wearing tights!)

Winter Coats

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This winter season has been somewhat disappointing for me due to wool coats for Women. The problem is that Women’s coats are very thin flimsy usually less than 5mm thick, and men’s are thick structured warmer jackets usually 1cm thick of wool…. I have yet to find a warm thick women’s wool coat, and vice versa there are very few men’s jacket’s that are so thin. So why is it that women, who are usually more cold have crappy thin ‘fall-like’ jackets for winter??? Very disappointed in all the designers of these thin jackets. When what women are really looking for, what I am really looking for is a WARM jacket that’s also fashionable. Its not fun to be freezing in -15 in your cute little paper thin jacket. The solution that I found was a vintage wool women’s jacket from the 50’s. This wool coat was made suitable for cold weather, and still looks amazing.