Winter Coats

This winter season has been somewhat disappointing for me due to wool coats for Women. The problem is that Women’s coats are very thin flimsy usually less than 5mm thick, and men’s are thick structured warmer jackets usually 1cm thick of wool…. I have yet to find a warm thick women’s wool coat, and vice versa there are very few men’s jacket’s that are so thin. So why is it that women, who are usually more cold have crappy thin ‘fall-like’ jackets for winter??? Very disappointed in all the designers of these thin jackets. When what women are really looking for, what I am really looking for is a WARM jacket that’s also fashionable. Its not fun to be freezing in -15 in your cute little paper thin jacket. The solution that I found was a vintage wool women’s jacket from the 50’s. This wool coat was made suitable for cold weather, and still looks amazing.

~ by bsfashion on January 15, 2010.

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