Spring 2010 H & M men’s collection….skirts? SKIRTS!

Spring 2010 H & M men’s collection is offering a men’s skirt….that’s right S K I R T ….

Now usually I am big fan of H & M because they take looks from the runway and make them affordable and available to the consumers in the same season… but you always do have to be careful when shopping in H & M because not all the looks can be pulled off by everyone, to put it nicely. It’s easily to become overwhelmed with the high-fasion/hipster/rock’n’roll style of H & M. But that’s also why I love it. So I was shocked at the men’s skirt, but it seems very H & Mish.

Not only is the men’s skirt a big stretch but they also made some hideous MC hammer shorts for men, that I will be disgusted to ever see on the street…… ohhhh it will be a interesting spring for men at H & M! YUK!!  (although slightly hard to see the definition of the shorts, cause he is also wearing tights!)

~ by bsfashion on January 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “Spring 2010 H & M men’s collection….skirts? SKIRTS!”

  1. Finally! Isn’t it long overdue? And why this question, acting as surprised. Isn’t it men’s fashion which should be not questioned, because men do not question womens fashion. So please just be a little bit honest….. or is that a question about equality?
    If men want to wear a skirt – they should do it. Easy way, just do it!! Nothing is more boring than men’s wardrobe and their choices between stereotyped pants, and uniformized suit. Super boring.
    I hope that men really taking advantage of this new fashion style.

  2. Thanks for your comment!
    I agree, mens clothing have not changed in years… they do need a revision. There’s only so many ways you can re-make a suit, pants and shirts. The real question is why isnt men’s fashion following similar trends as women, or have any trends ?? anything more than new fabric and color i guess would revolutionary. What about volume in the shoulders?? Men would look great with some new shapes…. I don’t think men is skirts is an absolute new thing just risky, and it just hasnt been brought to main-stream retail stores up to now.

  3. bsfashion you are right, men’s skirts hasn’t been to main-stream retail-stores yet, but there is a demand of skirts formen. But on the other hand, it is a risk for retailer. Men’s skirts first has to go in public in different ways.
    In case of change of fashion for men, there is no change for a couple hundred years, because men wore just pants. Changing the pants to other garments is the question, off the stereotype pants collection into something very different. And that could be skirts, I think.

  4. Finally some men came up recently with skirts, yes SKIRTS. And it looks pretty good, much better I ever could imagine. I believe that not everybody can wear skirts (refers to women and men), but what I saw was impressive.

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