Hot Holiday Gifts- fashion forward

Sooo the biggest weekend of shopping is coming up this week, and instead of buying random odd gifts for someone you care for, here are some hot hoilday gift ideas….in random order cause their all great!

Cashmere Scarf or Silk Pashmina great in every color to go with every bag.

Spa Gift Certificate: Every Lovely Lady and Man loves to get pampered, whether its a massage, scrub or facial you can go wrong with with little bit of love.

Leather Gloves: they come in amazing color and are a luxury of life in the winter and extremely classy. like these Burberry ones on the runway!

A great bottle of perfume: whether you go with the classic sent or a new fresh smell, you cant go wrong with yummy smells!

Jewelry: Watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, gold, silver, plastic, i think anything shiny can make anyone smile.

Call me Old Fashion but i still love mixed tapes… i mean a customized playlist!! Sneak it on, or just give it to that special someone… still soo cute! & great for students!

Designer Bags: Everyone needs a new purse, book bag, or murse. Check out this 2010 Hermes Camel colored bag. (p.s. camel is so hot right now)

Board Games: Who doesnt love to snuggle up next to a fire and play a board game up at the cabin?? Everyone!!

Comfy PJ’s and Slipper!!! The love of new flannel or silk soft PJ’s!!

Happy Shopping!!!

~ by bsfashion on November 24, 2009.

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