Must Haves For Winter 2009 – Top Ten List

10) Pattered stockings or leggings: So cute with a simple black dress or simple skirt. And can show your personality and a some color to your winter blues!! Great with Ankle booties too!


9) Ankle booties!! Coming in great colors like purple & red with the basics too! Theses look great with every outfit, and go from day-to-night very easily!! I LOVE my booties!!


8 ) Leather coats: Makes any casual outfit look rich and amazing!! Black and brown are hot with a big 80’s inspired collar. Great for right now, before it gets too cold, and also a great Finnish to a layered look.


7) What would a cold winter day be without a great hat or toque!?!?


6) Great Winter shades, not only to reflect all that snow thats coming soon but to feel great with one more accessory.


5) Suede over the knee Boots: are back from last year! great with skinny jeans or just leggings, i think black or brown are the best color so they blend with your outfit more.

stella-mccartney-over-the-knee-boots4) Long Earrings: Dangling with feathers or metal one ear or both is all very hot this season!


3) A great sheath dress- every girl needs a new dress for all the holiday parties! Make a statement and be the best dressed!!



2) Something Purple: Jewel tones are very hot, especially somethings rich amazing doesn’t matter if its tiny or your whole dress, you need something purple!!


Last but Never least the Number ONE thing to have this winter 2009

1) Fur: whether its real or fake fur- there is amazing fake fur out these days!! This is all over the run way, from full jackets, cuffs, collars, hats and anywhere else they can think to put it!!


~ by bsfashion on November 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Must Haves For Winter 2009 – Top Ten List”

  1. great post! this has left me with tonnes of new ideas. leggings are all over the place and I am not complaining.

  2. Leggings and Fur how can you go wrong???

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