Montreal Fashion Week: BARILÀ


A very entertaining show, not because of the fashion so much, but because of the models. No one could walk in heals, it looked like model training camp. Falling multiple times as well as slipping over the rose petals that were scattered on the runway. Ended up in bare feet walking down the runway. A huge distraction from the show as a whole. Since were on the subject the make-up was also poorly done one these models, and didnt match the collection at all. Thick black crow brows and bright huge lips was not spring hip to me. But you can be the judge.


On to the fashion: This 80’s inspired collection was a fresh new look to high waisted pants and belly shirts that hung perfectly off of the bosom. The print and pastel bright color  were very spring-y, fresh new colors with a 60s style pattern to the glazed linen and vegan leather. The pants and skirts had a lovely pleated ruffle at the top, belted at the hips and came down lose,  a key piece i believe for spring 2010. Also Many simple dresses with over sized pockets, frills and deep v-necks made its way on the runway in between the shorts and t-shirts. 

To top off this eyebrow raising show, the designers Sabrina and Claudia Barila ended with a short film to conserve water ” Tous Pour L’eau Pour Tous” which gave them a standing ovation in the end. 





~ by bsfashion on October 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Montreal Fashion Week: BARILÀ”

  1. Ouch. You try walking on rose petals.

  2. Ohh come on, its not like they had to walk down the runways full of banana peels. Walking the runway with water on both sides would be much harder! Plus the Barila’s husband went to the moon, you think should hire models that can walk in heels!!

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