Oh yess the 80’s are back!!

Top Fashion must haves for this fall is like going back in time, but that doesn’t mean you can go shopping in your mothers closet!! New twists on these 80’s inspired looks shoulders a whole new look!! Big shoulders are hot hot hot on the runways but in 2009 they have extreme shape and geometric lines to them. Popping out vertically this time around gives your shirt/blazer or jacket the extra Oomph its needs to be noticed! fall-winter-2009-2010-fashion-trends-padded-shoulders-rihanna.0.0.0x0.440x593Fendi fall winter 2009 fashion


Sparkles are all you see!!! Sequins are everywhere this year!! Pants, jackets, purse, shoes, you cannot get away without them!! This extra shine gives fall a whole new outlook on the rainy somewhat drab autumn we are having. larok_rockstar_sequin_leggings__56159_thumb

Shoes for fall are exciting this year as seeing the first red leaf! Multi textured, strappy sandals are perfect for wearing into the colder days because you can pull them off with tights. These textures are everything from animal print mixed with suede mixed with leather…. any combination goes!  Also the cone like talon is coming back bad, finally taking the stiletto out of the lime light for a least one season. 


Texture doesn’t just end at the feet this year… suede, fur and feathers are all back and look great in a layered look to keep warm for these colder days. Don’t forget your pashmina and your gorgeous shades with these fresh new looks for fall!


~ by bsfashion on October 1, 2009.

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