When in rome…

Leaving my beloved city of fashion and culture has put my expressions of art and style in the slow lane. Since I have ventured into the Wild West, I have been overwhelmed with jeans, t-shirts, plaid and overall blahhh. The lack of something special and extraordinary has now led me to a hunt of what Calgary fashion is all about. One positive of Calgary is when the sun goes down some people exchange their jeans…. Anything further than jeans and a tee is a step up for me! So as my search for fashion in Calgary continues…. I have decided to try out this Calgary cowboy look…. Well ok I might not too far into the sequins cowgirl shirts including shoulder pads; as I expect to see at this years stampede. But I am on the search for a great vintage belt buckle. During Stampede ordinary people become cowboys, and cowboys become heroes. Please stayed tuned for more photos, and blogs about Calgary…. the Search for Calgary Fashion.Cowboy-belt-buckle

~ by bsfashion on June 25, 2009.

One Response to “When in rome…”

  1. Wow! That is a great belt buckle if you know what I mean.

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