Put Some Color On

Gucci Floral Dress Spring 09

Gucci Floral Dress Spring 09


These are the sweet words I have been waiting for all winter long. If you haven’t noticed women take any chance to throw on those short shorts or a mini skirt as soon as that warm sun comes out. There are always those girls jumping over mounds of snow in their strappy sandals and skirts. I am one of those girls! Ill take the first opportunity to put someone fresh and spring like on! So since these days are slowly multiplying its time think about your spring color pallet. Primary colors seem to lead the way this season, but from a girl who doesn’t always follow the rules I go with any bright colors that will help forget those grey cold days. Floral as usual is a popular favorite, I would recommend a smaller detailed print over an enlarge one because its more flattering and more feminine. Also abstract print is everywhere; in bright contracting colors this is following the trend of the 50’s. No Matter what saturated colors are needed to revive us back to summer health. As Calvin Harris says “ Put some color on!”

Monteau Inspired Shift Dress

Monteau Inspired Shift Dress

~ by bsfashion on March 21, 2009.

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