So everyone is being a bit of a frugalista in these times of the so-called down turn. What? You have never heard of frugalista? I guess the fashionista even plays by the rules: desperate times call for desperate measures. Turning such a horrible word like frugal into an ista just doesn’t seem to measure up in my books. But before you go altering your wardrobe like your a seamstress I have a few tips. Simple alterations can be done at home and I urge you not to take on too much! Something simple like taking a jacket from last year and replacing the buttons for a new look can turn something just ok, into wow. It helps that oversized buttons are still all the rage this spring. Buttons you can do at home. Alterations are a great way to modernize your outfits, but trust me: leave it to the experts! A seamstress will do a professional job at a reasonable price, make your seamstress your best friend! But a true shopaholic will already know that these times call for great deals in the retail market! andddd its now way cheaper than vintage so why not go new? Brand new! I have never seen such low prices! There is no need to count your pennies when you’re getting great pieces for 70% off. So if you do have some extra money, I say support the market and go buy some great spring clothes!

~ by bsfashion on March 7, 2009.

One Response to “frugalista”

  1. great post filled with good ideas! home-made fashion looks the best anyways . . .or the worst. I think if it’s worn in confidence, anything can look good

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