Valentino Spring 09

Valentino will make any girls heart pound with his attention to detail in these amazing dresses. The perfect fit every time is most def worth the Valentino price tag. Although his spring collection shocked me with all the beige & cream pallet, he pumped up the make up and key pieces with shots of color. The flower covered bell jacket is a must have in this collection.

There is also something going on with glitter this year…. it seems to be poppin into many different media’s from extreme lips, eyes & purse’s… Valentino does his spin on glitter-sparkle-glam with some sapphire blue pumps.

This is a more tradional collection compare to last year, but classic jackets and dresses to kill over makes valentino still numéro un!

~ by bsfashion on February 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Valentino Spring 09”

  1. pump up the jam! those glitter shoes rock. I think this is my favorite collection posted. minimalistic runway fashion compared to the other two designers (if minimalistic runway fashion can even exist?)

  2. Yes Valentino has a simple elegance in this collection. Although the work behind this clean look takes years of experience and attention to detail! This is a brilliant minimalist collection!

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