shades3Sunglasses… at last the sun has finally coming out to grace us with its presents. The first sign that this long grey winter is slowly coming to an end and spring is near! I am an enormous fan of sunglasses: big, small, black, brown, round or square probably the most important and essential part of a sunny day accessory. I go nowhere with out at least one pair (usually two) of shades in my bag. Top trends of the season is the plastic aviator with the flat top made famous by Will I Am recently, straight from the 70’s these shades def make a statement and are available in many bright colors & bling around town. Another seventies trend is the oversized round-round shade, careful not to get too buggy on these, but def another great trend that everyone should take advantage of.

Stay away from the ray bans this season… these were very hot last year but now that ever kid and his friends are wearing them, this is getting very old and over done. Save your self from looking like a big dork! Get rid of your fake or real ray ban’s and get something with a lil more flavor! After all sunglasses add a tone of character to any outfit! why would you want the same shades as someone else? Gross!

~ by bsfashion on February 8, 2009.

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