Gucci = Vieux Pets aka Old Farts


If you have been living in a cave or under a rock, you wouldn’t know about Ed Hardy’s success in the past 5 years. For the rest of America this is old news! Ed Hardy (for all who don’t know) is a tattoo artist who collaborated with Christian Audigier to move his art onto clothing, including hats, shoes, sweaters, bags, and pretty much everything you can imagine. This was hot in the summer of 04. Now we all know that fashion comes from the street or is inspired from individuals, and a designer picks that up and moves it to the runway. Than the fashion takes about 9 months to a year to get to retail stores, and than available for the public. So do I have to ask the question why is a fashion house only now is producing Hardy inspired pieces? Frida Giannini is the creative director of Gucci, and I’m not sure what she was thinking or if she was; producing these faded fad bags at a haute couture fashion house.  I think she should go back to the drawing board or maybe fashion school and think of something original. Note to Giannini: haute couture means custom made design, not copy from an American artist. Please save your 5000 dollars on this blahhh bag, and if you still feel the need to get a tattooed article, at least get the original, although I don’t even recommend that, because its historic!

~ by bsfashion on January 20, 2009.

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