Rock them like there red-lips-21hot! In these long grey winters there is nothing classier than having luscious red lips! Hot bright reds go with any skin tone, and make and create an outfit, its instant class and instant sex appeal. Take a risk and try these chic lips now! Must haves for red lips: make sure you lips are smooth and healthy, if there not you will want to exfoliate to get those kissable smooth lips. Lip liner is a must with bright colors; this will keep the lips from bleeding or feathering out of your natural lip line. I prefer a cream lip liner by MAC. Get a good lip stain; this will keep the color all night. Let them dry for a few minutes. Moisten those lips with a clear shiny topcoat, and finally but most important you want to use a sealer to keep those lips looking great! A great tip to make your lips pop even more is apply concealer around your lips, this will define your lips and prevent feathering. This method is guarantee at least 6 hours of great lips! And no more lip prints on that martini glass or your lovers’ collar. This will keep you warm and others intrigued in these frosty dark nights.

~ by bsfashion on January 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Lips”

  1. red lips will never go out of fashion!

    can we expect any other hot lip colors to pop up in ’09?

  2. Ive seen a mac makeup artist rock some super hot flaming orange lips, it looked killer with her red hair…if youve got pearly whites, then pop on that color. I think more then ever now is the time for wearing bright lipsticks its a comeback baby!!!

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