Mcgill Girls


My first post will be a rant! This has bothered me since I first moved to Montreal 3 years ago and I still don’t understand why this still happens.

There are creatures that roam around the Mcgill getto, dragging their feet like they have weights around their ankles. The only clothing they wear is Ugg’s, sweat pants and hoodies. Their hair is in a messy bun, and sometimes if your lucky there is an over sized clip at the top of their head (holding bangs?) that sticks up 2 incimg_2413h’s. Do you really not have 5 mins to put on pants?? Or is your hang over that bad that you stumble out of bed straight into your oven-mitt-boots and wander to class?? I find it sad that these are the future professionals of our world. If you dont have enough respect for yourself to change out of sweat pants or look in the mirror; at least have the decency to get dressed in the morning so my eyes are not burning from your slobbery. Why do Uggs even have to happen?? Pratical?? if you havent noticed the salt stains on your Uggs appear instantly and if your too lazy to put on pants and real shoes, I doubt your going to clean your so called “boots.” Please do society a favor, put your Ugg’s in the Poo Belle and wear real pants!

~ by bsfashion on January 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Mcgill Girls”

  1. Bahhhhhhh Uggs are horrendous!! They are called uggs for a reason, because they are fucking ugly!

  2. boooyaaa your rant made the Montreal Mirror!!
    Page 23! Yes

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